Our Guarantee

Enhance staff inspects the used cars themselves before purchase.

Our Guarantee

30 Day Quality Guarantee

Enhance Auto is Japan’s leading exporter of quality used cars. Unlike other exporters who rely on the inspections conducted by the auction houses,Enhance staff inspects the vehicles themselves before purchase.

In addition: While other auto exporters send their stock directly from the action house to the nearest port for shipment aboard, Enhance transports ALL STOCK to our repair and maintenance Facility, located just outside the Port of Osaka.

At the Repair and Maintenance Facility, our mechanics inspect all vehicles and repair any mechanical defects. Then an independent inspection company mechanic inspects the vehicle to ensure road-worthiness. Only after passing this inspection will we ship the vehicle.

This rigorous maintenance and inspection process is designed to ensure that only quality used cars are delivered, and it sets Enhance Auto out from the rest as the Leader in Quality Used Cars.

It also allows us to guarantee the mechanical fitness of our cars for 30 days from the date of delivery. If, within 30 days, your vehicle fails mechanically, Enhance Auto will fix or replace the vehicle with a vehicle of the same value.

Terms and Conditions:

The Quality Guarantee applies only to vehicles delivered via Enhance Auto’s *Clearance and Delivery Service*
Enhance Auto will not be held liable for mechanical failure due to misuse of the vehicle, to be determined solely at our description.
Enhance Auto will not be held liable for mechanical failure due to neglected preventative measures. It is the buyer’s maintain their car in good condition. This includes maintaining proper oil level, transmission fluid level, radiator coolant and preventing the engine from overheating by shutting down the engine as soon as it shows indications of excessive heat.
Enhance Auto will not be held liable for mechanical due to use of a vehicle upon un-inproved roadways.
Enhance Auto will not be held liable for towing costs or repairs done by parties other than Enhance Auto.
Determination of liabiity for mechanical failure is at Enhance Auto's sole discretion.
Determination of whether to replace or repair the vehicle is at Enhance Auto’s sole discretion. In the case that we decide to replace your vehicle,Enhance Auto will strive to reach a mutually sound agreement. Final approval of the replacement vehicle is at Enhance Auto’s sole discretion.