We will answer various questions of japasese used cars

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How can I trust Enhance Auto?
Please check the positive feedback from our customer as customer voice. Also, please check our history here.
Can I buy my private car as private buyer ?
Yes, you can, but you need to check your country's registration laws before purchasing.
We cannot give any advices about your country's registration laws.
Can I buy a car which is not on the stock list ?
Yes, you can. Please send us inquiry here.
Does your company inspect the car?
Yes, we ask highly professional outsourcing company to inspect the car after we buy from the auction for our customer satisfaction.
How do I know about the condition of the car ?
We prepare 30 pictures to show the detail of the car. Also, we carefully prepare the car which does not have major problem like engine noise transmission shock for our stock.


How do I make payment?
You can make the payment via bank by Telegraphic transfer (TT). We do not accept any other payment.
Do you accept credit card?
No, we do not accept credit card.
Which bank should I make payment ?
Account Number : 0123803
Account Name : EnhanceAuto
Branch code : 210
Note) Bank information is on the invoice, too.
What is your payment term?
Payment must be made within 2 business days from the issue of invoice.
If not, your order will be cancelled.


How long will it take to receive the car at the port ?
It will take from 30 to 45 days from the time of 100% full payment done. It depends on the shipping schedule.
Please refer shipping schedules at the top page.
Do you accept 50% payment before shipping and rest of 50% after the copy of B/L?
No, we do not accept it. We must receive 100% full payment before we ship the used car.
What are consignee and notify party?
Consignee: Owner to be the vehicle purchased. This is shown on the bill of lading
Notify party: Person receives the notice of ship's arrival. This is shown on the bill of lading.
What are FOB, C&F and CIF?
FOB: Free On Board which is the price does NOT include shipping cost.
C&F: Cost and Freight which is the price include shipping cost to your port.
CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight which is the price include shipping cost to your port.
Note) Insurance is shipping insurance which does not cover all CIF price.
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Our focus is on the superior customer satisfaction for our valued clients.Our goal is nothing less than exceeding your expectations.
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