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Japanese used cars exporter Enhance Auto offer super high-quality cars at affordable prices in Uganda

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From Japan to your home in Uganda.

The car with your dreams and hope travels 11,333km.


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Offices in uganda

Office Hours
●Mon. - Fri. 9:00AM - 5:00PM
●Sat. 9:00AM - 13:00PM
Plot 35 Katumba Furnishing Building, Coronation Avenue, UMA Show Grounds, KAMPALA UGANDA
phone number
+256 751 703 282

Local Offices in uganda

We found Japanese customer support center

If you have any questions about your cars,
payment, or shipping, feel free to contact this number.
phone number
+81 70 2282 8375
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Japanese customer support

Frequently Asked Question in uganda


What is the working time for Uganda office?
Business hours are Monday to Friday from 09: 00 to 17: 00 and Saturday 09:00 to 13:00.
Does your company inspect the car?
Yes, we have outsourced a highly professional company to inspect the cars after buying from the auction for our customers' satisfaction.
How do I know about the condition of the car?
We prepare 30 pictures which are taken from the exterior and interior parts to show the details of the car, Also, we carefully prepare the car, and check on minor and major problems like engine faults and transmission shock.
Can I load something on my purchased car?
No, you can not.


How do I make payment?
All payments are made via bank by Telegraphic transfer (TT).
We do not accept any other mode of payment.
Do you accept credit card?
No, we do not accept credit card.
Which bank should I make payment?
In Uganda, payment is made via Resona Bank.

Account Number :0103494
Account Name :EnhanceAuto
Branch code: 210
Note: Bank information is also on the invoice.

What are your terms for payment?
Payment must be made within 2 business days (48hours) from the date of issuing the invoice.
If not, your order will be cancelled.
What is the breakdown of the total cost of the car?
The breakdown are (C&F)Cost and Freight, (CIF) Cost, Marine Insurance and Freight.
For Clearing and delivery Charges,
Port charges, shipping line charges,clearing agency fee, number plate fee and vehicle registration fee.
Can I pay by Ugandan Shilling
We only accept US dollar.


How long will it take to receive the car at the port?
It will take about 30 to 45 days from the time of 100% payment confirmation.
Depending on the shipping schedule as reviewed at the top page.

Shipping schedule >>>Click here!

Do you accept 50% payment before shipping and rest of 50% after the copy of B/L ?
No, we do not accept partial payment. We must receive 100% full payment before we ship the car.
What are consignee and notify party?
Consignee: Owner to be of the vehicle purchased. This is shown on the bill of lading.
Notify party: Person who receives the notice of the ship's arrival. This is shown on the bill of lading as well.
What are FOB, C&F and CIF?
FOB : Free On Board is the price does NOT include shipping cost.
C&F : Cost and Freight is the price that includes shipping cost to your port.
CIF : Cost, Insurance and Freight is the price that includes shipping cost to your port and insurance.
Note: Insurance is marine insurance which does not cover 100% of the CIF price.
What is C&D service?
It is a service aimed at delivering cars to the client’s designated place with customs clearance procedures at the port.
This process involves delivery of the car from the port to the customer by our professional staff.
It is a safe service with an affordable price.
What is the merit of C&D service?
This service aimed at c include 1 month guarantee, all charges at port, delivery charges and registration.
The service also offers Repair and Replacing items of the car that might have got lost, stolen or damaged within the Port.